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About Us

The Energy from Space Foundation promotes Energy from Space and actively follows the latest developments.

Our mission is to help realise Energy from Space. We provide the general public with information and create awareness for Energy from Space, for free. With the right information we aim to motivate the public, decision makers, companies, institutes, and academia to get inspired, get involved and possibly to take action.

We encourage all parties to investigate the possibility of launching systems into space that serves as the first ever proof-of-concept: harvest energy in space, send it safely down to Earth, and generate electricity on the ground. If you like to know more, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Board Members

Ramses Molijn

Ramses graduated as an Aerospace and Geomatics engineer and studied in The Netherlands, Australia and Texas, United States.

After a having worked several years at a global geo-information service company and a global energy company, Ramses continued at a global Mergers and Acquisition company, specialised in match-making between Japanese and European technology companies. He obtained his PhD in space-based remote sensing for bio-energy production. Currently he works for public services. He founded the Energy from Space Foundation after visiting various related space agencies and universities worldwide.

Ramses' passion is stimulating technology and innovation for a clean and energized world.

Tjeerd de Vries

Tjeerd has a background in Civil Law and acquired LLM (Master of Law) status from the the University of Amsterdam.

After having worked at various banks as a trade finance specialist, corporate banker and director, Tjeerd continued his career as a green entrepreneur. He set up and supported various companies producing green and responsible products. Currently, Tjeerd is Managing Partner at Green Capital Partners. In addition, he helps start-up companies gaining momentum.


Tjeerd's passion is giving financial and organizational advice to initiatives that contribute to green-tech innovations and that give a positive impact to biodiversity.

Sanne Eggens

Sanne finished three Master degrees in English Literature, in American Studies and in Education. She studied in The Netherlands and Australia, lived in various African countries and got her International Baccalaureate in Indonesia.

After having worked for an international company that publishes educational material, Sanne continued with teaching English at top high-schools in Amsterdam and The Hague, The Netherlands. She also co-founded the GroenID (GreenID) Foundation that stimulated initiatives amongst young people that were related to sustainable solutions and organized gatherings with high-profile individuals to discuss these solutions.

Sanne's passion is stimulating high-potential initiatives and teaching new generations.

Maurits Pannenborg

Maurits graduated as a Strategic Product Designer at the faculty of Industrial Design Engineering in the Netherlands. He wrote his graduation thesis on the innovation process of a company in rolling stock, and lived in in several countries, including Curaçao and New Zealand. He currently works for a renowned insurance company.

Maurits is passionate about new, groundbreaking products and believes innovation is the foundation of a business’ success.

Radboud Molijn

Radboud has a background in acting and studied in Paris, France, and in Tokyo, Japan, on renowned international acting schools. He has played in TV shows and theaters in Japan, France and The Netherlands.

After having worked for advertisement companies and copyright agencies, Radboud continued as an entrepreneur in business relations between Japan and The Netherlands. Currently, he is Managing Director at the Dutch and Japanese Trade Federation and is owner of an international Mergers and Acquisitions office.

Radboud's passion is utilizing his extensive network for international businesses, and listening to/playing classical music.

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